In an effort to diversify and secure more material at competitive market and world price levels, we have developed our own registered trade mark brand name resin this has given us the opportunity to bulk contract and source more resin from major producers in the USA.

Our Ramolene Resin is packaged in state of the art facilities in Houston, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana and New York. Standard packaging is 25 Kg PP open mouth sewn bags. Additionally, we can package in 1 and 1.5 Ton Jumbo bags / super sacks. See an overview of our processing.

Upon request, we can provide producer quality certificates for each prime lot shipped.


We have developed, under our brand name , a broad range of high-strength PVC and CPVC solvent cements and cleaners ideally formulated for a variety of pipe joining applications. All products are manufactured under tight quality control methods and meet or exceeds industry standards where applicable. Available in regular, medium and heavy bodied formulas, our expansive line of slow, medium and fast-set cements accommodate all schedules and sizes.

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